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Über fangocur
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This plant should be in every garden!
(26.09.2022) back
Sage has been in use for medicinal purposes for more than two thousand years
Even in antiquity, sage was considered to be one of the most import plants in terms of supporting good health
If you're not able to grow sage yourself, sage tea can be found at most pharmacies
Tea is a popular way to enjoy the benefits of sage

Even in ancient times, this very plant that we would like to introduce to you today was very valued for its amazing positive effects on body and mind alike. Moreover, it is actually quite robust and grows well in dry soil and bright sunlight.

This is a plant that's an amazing all-rounder

This plant is very easy to care for, and it's generally not difficult to grow if you plant it in a sunny place. Sage has been commonly recognized in many ancient medical traditions as a healing plant. The Greeks even believed that if you have sage in your garden, you'll no longer be needing the services of a physician. It's interesting that the Latin name of this plant is Salvia officinalis. The first word comes from the Latin verb "salvere", which refers to things like being healthy, staying healthy, and doing well in general. The ancient Romans apparently shared the view of the Greeks and were known to have similarly greatly treasured sage.

Many of the beneficial effects have been confirmed in modern times: sage supports good digestion, strengthens the circulatory and nervous systems and encourages any inflammation in the mouth and throat to heal more quickly. In addition, sage is known to enhance mental function, and it also slows the effects of aging. Sage moreover regulates hormones, which can be especially helpful in supporting women during menopause, and it is also anti-microbial and anti-viral. Keep in mind that pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid sage, ideally completely, as consuming too much sage can lead to premature birth or the halting of milk production. Likewise people with epilepsy should also only consume very small amounts of this plant as its effects can actually be counterproductive for those with this condition.

A plant with many possible applications

Thanks to all of the positive health effects noted above, sage can also be helpful in the treatment of stomach or intestinal problems, for example in combination with fangocur Bentomed. You can prepare sage yourself – maybe as a tincture containing sage – or you can find such products at your local druggist or pharmacy. It supports rapid wound healing. As sage has a cooling effect, it can also be very helpful for hot flashes or flushing. The classic way to make use of sage is of course as an herbal tea. If you're not able to collect sage leaves in your own garden, they can likewise be found pre-packaged at your local health food shop – that's all you need to make sage tea. Probably the most common way that sage is used is to address mouth and throat problems. If you have any kind of oral inflammation, it's time to make a cup of sage tea. It can even be gargled if you like. When used in this way, the following guideline should be applied:

Don't swallow the liquid that you gargle because it might contain viruses and bacteria. Instead take a sip, gargle, then spit it out as you would a normal mouthwash.

If you're experiencing oral or throat inflammation, it's also recommended to use our natural Bentoforte mouthwash. It contains a combination of our Gossendorf fango, sea salt and various herbs…including sage ;) This mouthwash can be used every day for up two three weeks – once in the morning and once in the evening – a few minutes of gargling helps your body to regenerate and strengthen the sensitive lining of your mouth and throat.

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