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Oil pulling is so very effective!
(27.12.2021) back
Oil pulling support good oral health in a number of ways
Oil pulling is a natural and gentle way to effectively improve oral health
Give your teeth a healthy glow with our natural fangocur toothpastes
Our natural fangocur tooth pastes and oil pulling is the ideal combination for healthy and beautiful teeth

Everyone's daily routine includes tooth brushing, optimally many times per day. Still, there's more to good oral hygiene than teeth cleaning – the gums and the condition of the tongue are also very important when it comes to keeping your mouth healthy. Today you'll find out all about a natural method that's easy to incorporate into your day. It will bring out the glow in your smile while making your gums more healthy and robust.

An age-old method that works so well

Oil pulling is the good health habit that we would like to present to you today, and it has actually been around for thousands of years – over time it made its way to Europe. It's really not at all complicated to do:

1. Ideally, this should be done just after getting out of bed in the morning, so on an empty stomach. Before you start the oil pulling process, you should thoroughly clean your tongue. This can be done, for example, with a tongue scraper (available at most pharmacies and health food stores). After the tongue has been cleaned, you're ready to begin oil pulling.

2. Sesame, sunflower and coconut are the best oils to use. The best one depends on the problem you're addressing or the symptom that you are trying to resolve: coconut oil is especially soothing for inflammation and irritation, while sesame oil and sunflower oil can be thought of as the standard oils for oil pulling.

3. Pour your selected oil into a tablespoon and take it into your mouth. Move the oil around the surfaces on the inside of your mouth. The duration of use is important here – 20 minutes is best. Before you throw in the towel with this healthy habit, you can of course also reduce the duration. Pulling oil for less time is certainly better that not doing it at all. The reason for the 20 minute rule is easy to explain, and it's effectiveness has even been proven in medical studies: the longer the oil is held in the mouth, the more it can reach the tiny spaces in the mouth and fight harmful micro-organisms and inflammation. Increasing the duration means that more saliva mixes with the oil, further enhancing the effects. This is especially useful if you suffer with gum inflammation or oral ulcers.

4. It is important to keep in mind that you should not swallow the oil. After 20 minutes, or however long you choose, simply spit out the fluid into a tissue and dispose of it as you normally would. By using this method, you can avoid causing a blockage in your drain.

5. The last step is to rinse your mouth with warm water a few times. Afterwards you can brush your teeth just like you do every day. As noted above, oil pulling is done on an empty stomach just after waking up in the morning. You can of course use the time while you are oil pulling for other things: you might prepare your breakfast, let some fresh air into your flat or home or pack your bag for the day ahead for example. In this way, you'll be doing something good for your health and simultaneously you'll be making efficient use of your time. Oil pulling complements your normal oral hygiene habits – naturally, you'll still need to be regularly brushing your teeth.

What conditions is oil pulling good for?

Thanks to the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, this method is generally useful for addressing problems with your teeth, gums or the lining of the mouth – the most common applications are gum inflammation, oral ulcers and gingival/periodontal pockets. A side benefit is that oil pulling limits the build-up of plaque deposits on the teeth, so dental visits will be easier and your teeth will usually have a whiter appearance. By pulling oil for the full 20 minutes, it reaches the smaller spaces in your mouth. This comprehensive treatment means that you'll also likely experience cavities less often. This longer duration of use is one of the main differences between oil pulling and normal rinsing with mouthwash, which is done for only a brief time. One more thing to remember: organic oil that is high in quality is gentle on the mucosal lining of the mouth without causing irritation. All of these positive effects make it clear that oil pulling is worth a try so that you can see all of the benefits for yourself. Normally, you'll notice a marked improvement in the symptoms you're treating within a week.

Oil pulling and brushing with a natural toothpaste from fangocur is an ideal combination:

If you are addressing an existing condition, we recommend a short-term therapeutic treatment with our Curative Toothpaste.

For long-term use, our Mineral Toothpaste is the right choice for you.

Both are also available as more economical double packs:

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