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What makes red beets so healthy?
(03.01.2022) back
Red beets provide a real boost to our health
Red beets support good health in so many ways
Soups are especially ideal in the colder winter months as the warm us up from the inside
This vegetable can be used in the kitchen to prepare wonderful dishes that taste good and make us stronger

As the days grow shorter and colder, our bodies need more nutrient-dense foods than is the case on a hot summer day. This is mirrored in the vegetables that normally find their way onto our plates in the cold winter months. Wintertime is beet season, and today we'll be introducing you to special variety of beet as well as breaking down all of the health benefits.

An absolute classic that's full of surprises

In many parts of the world, red beets are a more or less fixed part of the winter menu. They are easy to grow and very nutritious, and it's also widely accepted that they offer a number of health benefits. If one stops at the fact that this vegetable is simply good for our health, that would likely mean ignoring the long list of specific positive effects on our bodies. Medical research carried out in recent years has proven, again and again, that beets are beneficial to numerous aspects of human health. One example is the betaine that they contain. This is a secondary phytonutrient that stimulates liver cells and supports gal bladder health – namely, it helps to keep the bile ducts free of obstructions.

Another positive characteristic of red beets is that they encourage proper digestion; in fact, they actually make it easier for the body to rid itself of toxins and metabolic waste products. This internal cleansing means that red beet juice is commonly recommended for people looking to detox their bodies.

Moreover red beets have extremely beneficial effects on heart health and help to prevent circulatory issues in general. One example is that this vegetable actually regulates blood pressure in a natural way. Combined with the high level of folic acid beets contains, it's clear that eating beets is helpful in preventing heart attack and stroke.

The consumption of red beets is additionally very beneficial for the complexion. Conditions like acne, boils and abscesses can be markedly reduced just by eating beets regularly.

What are possible ways to add beets to the menu?

The most common way to consume beets is in the form of beet juice. Studies have shown that just a half litre of beet juice every day is enough to achieve the desired results, for example by enjoying a glass in the morning and another glass in the afternoon. Like all foods you eat, keep the quality in mind. Your beet juice should be produced with care, and it should contain only organic beets. Another way to prepare beets is in the form of beet soup, and you can also add beets to salads or risotto dishes. There are even amazing beet spreads that you can use on breads of all sorts. It's clear to see that you are only limited by your creativity when it comes to methods for making use of this healthy food in the kitchen. We hope that you have a lot of fun preparing beets throughout the winter months!

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