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Enjoy the Many Benefits of Elderberry
(10.01.2022) back
Elderberry improves your health thanks to the many secondary phytonutrients it contains
Elderberry is one of the most polyphenol-rich plants on Earth

"Holler Vulkan" from fangocur tastes superb and provides your body with polyphenols, vitamins and minerals
The book entitled
"Holunder-Wunderwelt" is the book that breaks down the special health benefits of elderberry (in German)

Holler Vulkan from fangocur contains concentrated elderberries, chokeberries (i.e. aronia), black and red currants as well as apples – naturally organic and top quality. Our drink not only tastes amazing…it also provides the body with wholesome vitamins and minerals. This in turn improves immune function in a 100% natural way.

"Holler Vulkan" is a unique, age-old health remedy

This all-natural product is a concentrate made from plant extracts that have been shown to be high in polyphenols. What this means for you will be explained below. The primary ingredient in this drink is elderberries (German: holunder). In addition, it contains concentrated chokeberry juice, black and red currant juice as well as apple juice. All these fruits come together to make a delicious drink with unique positive effects on your body.

Elderberry extract is rich in natural polyphenols that provide protection against bacteria, viruses and free radicals

Elderberry in one of the most polyphenol-rich plants on the planet. The greatest concentration of polyphenols is to be found in black elderberries. The question is what are polyphenols and how do they work?

Polyphenols are substances found in plants that have developed over millions of years of evolution to protect plants from bacteria, fungus and other threats to the health of the plant. They are highly bioactive compounds that exist in many different combinations and have effects on living organisms, or to put it more simply: Polyphenols are a kind of natural antibiotic.

Scientists have thoroughly researched these plant substances. It has been determined that polyphenols also exhibit their protective effects on the human body – they have the same positive effects as they do in plants. One of the leading researchers in this field is Sepp Porta PhD, a professor of physiology. He has carried out a number of studies and has proven that elderberries have unique positive effects on the functioning of the immune system.

Discover our Holler Vulkan here

A number of illness are caused by free radicals – polyphenols protect the body from their effects

Free radicals are extremely reactive oxygen compounds that are necessary for cellular respiration, i.e. the provision of the cells with oxygen. This means that they are fundamentally necessary for life. If the strain on the body is too great, for example through burning the candle at both ends, smoking, environmental pollution or simply too much stress, the cellular respiration increases in speed. This in turn can actually damage the body and lead to chronic illnesses like arterial sclerosis or long-term inflammatory processes. Professor Porta has shown that the excessive free radicals, which are released into the bloodstream by the cells due to stress, can be gathered up by the polyphenols in elderberries like a net. In this way the free radicals are neutralised, thus they are prevented from causing more harm in the body.

"Holler Vulkan" was developed by seven elderberry farmers in a formerly volcanic region in Styria, the south-easternmost province of Austria. It is the simplest and most natural way to take in the healing polyphenols created by plants usable for the human body. The earth in the volcanic region of Styria are extremely rich in minerals thanks to the volcanoes that were active in the area millions of years ago. This means that the elderberries used in Holler Vulkan are also rich in iron and other minerals. In addition to elderberry, our Holler Vulkan contains chokeberry, black and red currant currant as well as apple juice. These are all natural sources of polyphenols, making Holler Vulkan a uniquely valuable source of secondary phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Enjoy "Holler Vulkan" twice daily – ideally in the morning and in the afternoon – and you'll quickly notice improvements in your well-being. Holler Vulkan has the following healthy effects on your body:

  •     Improves the immune system naturally
  •     Protects from excessive activity of so-called free radicals
  •     Provides the body with important natural vitamins and minerals

Order Holler Vulkan here
12 bottles (250ml) is enough for 30 days (40ml in the morning, 40ml in the afternoon), pure organic quality

SOURCE: Hollunder-Wunderwelt is a 103-page book written by Sepp Porta, Michael Hlatky and Johannes Christandl that was first published in 2012. Unfortunately it is currently only available in German.

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