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Use the Power of Pine!
(14.03.2022) back
Pine smells great, and it's also great for our health
Pine boasts a number of wonderful effects on the human body
Bentomed from fangocur is the ideal companion for those looking to detox their bodies
Bentomed from fangogur detoxifies the body in an entirely natural way, and at the same time it provides minerals and trace elements

If you have the opportunity to hike in the mountains, you're sure to encounter pine trees. Its scent is a delight, and the extensive and robust root system of pine trees is truly impressive. Add to that the fact that pine is good for us. Today we'll be going over just how pine can be used to support good health.

Better sleep in natural surroundings

Many of us likely think of pine as a construction material used for beds and other furniture, in fact it is one of the preferred types of wood used for such purposes. One reason for this is the pleasant scent that comes from pine – it's actually even been proven to lower the human heart rate. It moreover has a calming effect, and it also promotes good sleep, something people who spend time in the mountains are well aware of. The scent of pine specifically affects the vagus nerve, which is the nerve responsible for relaxation and regeneration.

A true friend through the winter months

Everyone knows about the tendency to come down with a cold sometime during the winter months. The nose and sinuses are commonly at the centre of such illnesses, and relatedly we end up feeling tired all day. Many also experience headache as a cold symptom. There is actually a natural solution to this health condition: The smell of pine oil can free up the airway, allowing us to breath more easily and lessening the severity of headache. Pine is also very valued for use in the sauna due to all of these properties. Additionally the seeds of the pine tree, which are known as "pine nuts", can be used to make a delicious pesto. People from the alpine regions of the world are also familiar with pine schnapps, as small amounts of this drink are often enjoyed at the end of a beautiful day on the slopes.

Improve the effects of pine with Bentomed

When the body is cleansed and detoxified, the soothing benefits of pine can be even more effective. Our stomach and intestinal activity is greatly influenced by the vagus nerve. If this nerve is health and calm, processes in the digestive system also go more smoothly. That's the path to feeling good. Bentomed detoxifies the stomach and intestinal tract, both of which are crucial to good health. By doing what you can to strengthen the functioning of your digestive system, the use of pine has even more powerful effects – this is why it's recommended to regularly detoxify the body. This is especially true now as spring is beginning in many parts of the world and new life is starting as flowers begin to wake from their hibernation. Let's also do something good for our bodies using the healthy effects of our Austrian volcanic healing clay!

Enough Bentomed to use for three weeks

Enough Bentomed to use for six weeks

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