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Fennel is so healthy!
(04.04.2022) back
The beneficial effects of fennel on the body are many
The multifaceted health benefits of fennel support the body on a number of levels, and it should be eaten regularly

Many people may remember this food from childhood. In the past, it was commonly prepared as a tea, which was recommended for abdominal discomfort. The topic of the day is fennel. We have good reason for selecting fennel because it is so rich in vitamins and minerals, and it can be used in so many ways to support good health on a number of levels. Let's have a look at just what's so special about fennel.

Treasured since the times of antiquity

Fennel has a long tradition of use in Mediterranean kitchens – even the ancient Greeks and Romans recommended its regular consumption. Moreover fennel oil was used at that time to treat lung inflammation as well as coughing caused by throat irritation. This vegetable continues to be part of Mediterranean cuisine to this very day. The unique taste of fennel can be used to make meals more interesting, and it is regularly put to use in many kitchens for this reason. Likely all the more important is its amazing positive effects on human health.

A vegetable with a wealth of benefits

The first very beneficial characteristic of fennel is the fact that it contains very little fat or sugar. This makes it an optimal vegetable for people who have diabetes as it does not have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. Fennel also contains all of the B vitamins, with the exception of vitamin B12. Moreover, compared to other vegetables, the amount of vitamin E fennel contains is truly exceptional. For these reasons, it supports the health of the circulatory system – heart and blood vessels alike – and it also lowers the risk of cancer. As its colour is not dark, in fact fennel is whitish-green, it may be difficult to believe: Fennel is also very high in beta-carotene. The body can convert this nutrient into vitamin A, which is good for eye health, metabolism and the growth of body tissue in general. The amount of iron that fennel contains is also exceptional – iron is necessary for oxygen transport in the body, and it also plays a role in hair and fingernail health. Last but not least, this Mediterranean vegetable is a good source of magnesium, potassium and calcium.

Fennel supports digestive system health

We mentioned above that fennel is most well known for it's use in kitchens throughout central Europe. It is without a doubt a way to address problems with digestion. Used in this way, the calming and anti-inflammatory of this root vegetable come to the fore, and it's known to work quickly. This effect on digestive complaints is well known to us at fangocur – our Bentomed, Bentomed MICRO and Bentovital healing clay drink remedies all contain fennel. For digestive system problems, the binding and antibacterial effects of Gossendorf fango are an ideal compliment to fennel.

Combine Gossendorf fango and fennel and enjoy so many health benefits!

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