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Discover the health effects of wild garlic!
(18.04.2022) back
Wild garlic offers a number of positive health effects
Wild garlic, with its almost glowing green leaves, is a real treat after the cold winter months, and it’s also very beneficial for our health

As we move into the spring months, one commonly comes across this plant when on a walk in the forest. Oftentimes one smells it even before it comes into view. Winter is over, and wild garlic is one of the first edible plant of the year that you can harvest in the wild. This is a plant that offers so many positive health effects.

A sign of springtime that’s full of energy

It’s certainly no accident that wild garlic (also known as wild garlic, ramsons, wild cowleek, cowlic, buckrams, broad-leaved garlic, wood garlic, bear leek or bear's garlic) springs from the ground at the beginning of spring. Spring is the time of year in which life returns to the natural world. As the sun provides more and more warmth with each passing day, we tend to feel more energetic and lively. To put it briefly: It’s a time for regeneration and new beginnings. At this time of year people think of spring cleaning, whether indoors or outside – it’s a way to start afresh and get things ready for nicer day ahead. Similarly, this is also a good time to get our bodies ready for the change of seasons with some cleansing and detoxifying. One recommended way to do this is with Bentomed, our drink remedy made from a special clay found only in a formerly volcanic region in the south of Austria. Wild garlic is a perfect complement to such a spring cleaning for the body. It has cleansing effects on the stomach and intestinal tract as well as the blood, moreover it actually has positive effects for those with high blood pressure. It can even help to prevent cardiovascular conditions like arterial sclerosis. Last but not least, taken as a drink remedy, wild garlic can be used for chronic skin conditions.

What are some possible ways to use wild garlic?

The most common way people use this plant is by making the fresh leaves into a salad, or one can also make a spread with finely chopped leaves. That said, there are also a number of less common ways to use wild garlic. One of them is in pastries, the Austrian variant being a wild garlic strudel. You can also use it to make a light and healthy soup, and naturally pesto is another good option if you’re a pasta lover. Still more possible ways to use this freshly harvested plant are wild garlic dumplings, perhaps in a soup, or as a wild garlic risotto. Keep in mind that they should be used fresh as when the leaves dry out they lose a lot of their benefits. No description of wild garlic would be complete without a warning: When harvesting this plant, take care not to mistake it for any number of poisonous plants with a similar appearance, the most common being lily of the valley.

In order to do a little spring cleaning for the body, a combination of fresh wild garlic and three weeks of daily Bentomed use is recommended. The Gossendorf fango contained helps the body to detoxify, and the herbs it contains provide minerals and trace elements. If the need for detoxification is more extreme, it’s also possible to use Bentomed daily for six weeks.

Order Bentomed for three weeks of use here

Order Bentomed for six weeks of use here

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Source for the information about wild garlic (in German): Maria Treben: Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes – Ratschläge und Erfahrungen mit Heilkräutern. Ennsthaler Publishing, 1980.

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