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Enjoy some green power this spring!
(16.05.2022) back
Asparagus both tastes amazing and supports good health
Asparagus is a fixed part of springtime meals for many, and it's also good for your health

In the next few weeks, this will probably be on the tip of everyone's tongue: You guessed it…it's asparagus. It's an important part of spring for many – we're reminded just how delicious it is every single year! It's even better than you might imagine as asparagus is also extremely good for your health.

Novel yet traditional

Asparagus is a part of spring, just like the beautiful flower blossoms that cover the fields and fill local flower shops. The different ways to prepare this amazing vegetable are nearly limitless: from soup to risotto, in a salad or as a spread, and of course simple steamed asparagus. The options found in many restaurant menus is nearly overwhelming, and likewise the ways to prepare and enjoy asparagus at home are as varied as the kinds of springtime flowers just mentioned. When we look more closely into the history of foodstuffs, it's interesting to note that asparagus is a relatively new addition to the human diet. Until the nineteenth century, this spring vegetable was primarily used to treat medical conditions. This is actually the source of the Latin name Asparagus officinalis, where the adjective officinalis was used to describe a plant that has healing effects.

So many positive effects on the human body

The list of positive effects of Asparagus is really quite astounding. It cleanses the body, works as an antioxidant and fights inflammation. These attributes are even more intense for the green and purple varieties of asparagus. Their beautiful colours are due to the chlorophyll and anthocyanins that they contain. This combination leads to a considerable amount of secondary plant substances that are vital to our health. It has been shown in university research that anthocyanins – a chemical compound that produces a violet or light blue colour in plants when exposed to sunlight – reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes as well as dementia. Moreover, anthocyanins may help to limit the likelihood of developing cancer. Although asparagus is mostly made up of water, it nonetheless supplies the body with vitamins A, C and E along with a few B vitamins. The highest concentration of vitamin C is found in the tips of the plant. In order to optimally preserve the effects of the vitamins, it's better to steam asparagus rather than cooking it in another way. When it comes to minerals, this green springtime powerhouse contains sulphur, calcium and magnesium. Looking at all of these positive characteristics, the good feeling you have when eating asparagus can only grow. We hope that you enjoy adding asparagus to your meals…BON APPETIT!

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