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Enjoy the natural sweetness of strawberries!
(13.06.2022) back
Sweetness and health combined: Strawberries are an ideal combination
Strawberries taste great, and they also offer a number of interesting health benefits

As we move into the summer months, strawberries are on the tips of the tongues of many. This little red fruits are more than just beautiful – they also taste great! Their natural goodness is a true indulgence, but here's something you might not know: Strawberries are actually beneficial to our health.

Sweet fruits with a long history

Even in ancient times strawberries were loved by many, in particular as a dessert. This tradition began in the middle ages and continues to this very day. The so-called garden variety of strawberries that we are all familiar with today is in fact a cross between different berry types. Such strawberries date back to the 19th century. As strawberry plants are very adaptable, they grow in almost every country in Europe.

Great taste and healthy as well

A number of different studies have shown that there's more to strawberries than tasting good. They also support our health. Especially noteworthy are the secondary phytonutrients that they contain. Chief among these are polyphenols, which make strawberries effective against oxidative stress and strengthen the cells. These effects are also down to the high level of vitamin E in this fruit. Additional benefits are healthier mucous membranes as well as supporting the proper formation of cells in the body. As you might expect, another plus for our health is the vitamin C in strawberries. These factors combine to support the human immune system, making our bodies more resistant to infection. Last but not least, we would like to mention the beta-carotene contained – this nutrient improves the quality of our complexion in an entirely natural way.

A fact that many people are not familiar with is the capacity of the strawberries to reduce inflammation. In medical research, it has been shown that they have positive effects for those who suffer with rheumatic conditions. Moreover, this fruit is also helpful with regulating cholesterol in the body. You might have heard or read that strawberries contain a lot of histamines. This is naturally present in the fruit, though in this regard it is better to look for better quality strawberries…ideally organic. Then even those who are especially sensitive to histamines can enjoy these tasty delights in moderation.

The ways in which you can put strawberries to use in the kitchen is nearly limitless: Examples include smoothies and cakes, but of course you can eat them on their own. Now is the time to enjoy the early days of summer, and of course we wish you all the best for the warmer months ahead. Spend time outside in the sunshine, and of course treasure the delicious seasonal foods that nature provides!

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