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Why is intestinal health so important?
(27.06.2022) back
The condition of our intestines can affect the entire body
A well functioning intestinal tract is an essential aspect of good health
Physical activity in the fresh air improves your mood and makes you more fit
When we're feeling fit and vital, we can better enjoy our days
Make use of the many positive effects of Bentovital for better intestinal health
Bentovital cleanses the body, provides nutrients and stimulates the growth of beneficial microorganisms

The health of the intestinal tract is currently hot topic in the scientific community. The intestines are among the most important organs in the human body – it actually does a lot more than absorbing nutrients from the foods we eat. Sometimes referred to as the "gut", the intestinal tract also directly influences the brain, the skin and the immune system. How does this work, and what can we do to keep the lower digestive system healthy?

Good bacteria are our little helpers

The intestinal flora, also known as the microbiome of the gut, is a decisive factor in just how well the intestines can contribute to our good health. Around 400 to 500 different kinds of bacteria live within our digestive system, and human health depends on both their variety and the specific combination of different types of bacteria. Ideally, any harmful kinds of bacteria would be kept under control by the good bacteria present – problems only arise when the bacteria that are bad for our health are given the opportunity to multiply more or less out of control. It has been scientifically proven that imbalances in the makeup of the microbiome in the intestines can cause depression, joint pain, allergies, and difficulty concentrating…and make one more susceptible to infections. Moreover, intestinal problems can also lead to acne, eczema and rashes.

The path to healthy intestinal flora

It's interesting to note that, among other causes, commonly prescribed antibiotics can cause the intestinal tract to be out of balance. An additional reason for problems is a diet that lacks variety, often with too much sugar and fat as well as artificial and industrially produced ingredients. In order to keep the good bacteria happy and healthy, a varied diet is key.

If you have pre-existing conditions that keep your microbiome from functional at its best, or if the demands of everyday life prevent you from cooking for yourself on a regular basis, there is still a way to support the growth and maintenance of resilient intestinal flora.

Improve digestive health in two ways!

Bentovital is fine for long-term use, and it does so much to improve intestinal health!

The special clay it contains (known as Gossendorf fango) helps to detoxify the body. The tiny particles of this healing clay absorb harmful substances from the foods we eat, or even from environmental contaminants, and encourage them to pass out of the body via the stool. In addition, they provide a kind of micro-massage for the lower digestive system and help to prevent cramping. This is the way to naturally regulate your digestion, making it easier for the intestines to work well. Moreover, the healing clay from fangocur helps to maintain a healthy acid-base balance in the body, which in turn reduces the growth of harmful bacteria in the digestive system, while at the same time providing the body with valuable minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium.

The second component of Bentovital is quality barley grass, which contains countless essential nutrients and trace elements in their natural form. This means that they are especially easy for the body to use. In addition, barley grass helps healthy bacteria to become established in the intestines. It has a number of probiotic effects that are 100% natural and thus especially long lasting.

Whether you are currently experiencing intestinal problems or you would like to keep your digestive system in top shape, or you're simply looking to improve your overall well-being, now is a good time to give our uniquely effective Bentovital a try! We recommend doing a short-term therapeutic treatment with Bentovital two or three times per year for a healthier intestinal tract.


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