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Learn about the many sides of rosemary!
(11.07.2022) back
Enjoy the many positive health effects of rosemary
Rosemary tastes great, and it also offers a number of health benefits

Its aroma in the kitchen is known to many people…and loved by most. It's not only incredibly useful for food preparation – this herb also offers a multiplicity of health benefits. Today you'll be discovering everything that you need to know about this little green plant!

Surprising in so many ways

Rosemary is most well known as an herb used in the kitchen, and it's often an ingredient in dishes eaten during the warmer summer months. It's a joy for the nose and pallet alike! Here's another fact that might surprise you: This little green herb also offers a number of healthy benefits. First off, rosemary in the form of an essential oil can help to free up breathing, making its aroma beneficial when one is coming down with a cold. This is backed up by the fact that rosemary oil contains a lot of eucalyptol, which acts to relax the bronchioles and reduce swelling of the mucous membranes. The antibacterial effects of this herb also support this process, helping us to recover from respiratory illness more quickly. Breathing in the aroma of rosemary is also often recommended to those who suffer with migraines. Like lavender, rosemary is calming and encourages relaxation.

This Mediterranean herb can likewise be helpful in the treatment of minor skin injuries. It offers antiseptic effects, so in this case rosemary accelerates wound healing. A variety of university studies have moreover shown that rosemary improves our memory and mental performance in general. One reason that this botanical all-rounder is so frequently used in the kitchen can be is its ability to normalise digestion and ease stomach complaints.

How to make use of rosemary

The simplest way to use rosemary is as an herb, even directly from the garden. As was mentioned above, an astounding pallet of recipes include rosemary. Another way to use rosemary is as a tea – to do this, the herb is prepared as a hot infusion and sipped slowly over the course of the day. A third possible use is rosemary oil, which can be purchased at health food shops and even some pharmacies. Rosemary extract is the most concentrated form available and should be used only in very small amounts. This is naturally true of other aromatic oils, wherein one should always be careful and reference more detailed instructions for proper use. As rosemary can increase blood pressure, those who suffer with high blood pressure should not use rosemary in oil form…and only as a very weak tea. The same advice goes for women who are pregnant. Nonetheless, it's still possible to use this herb in the kitchen as it's not so concentrated when consumed in food. We wish you a great summer, and we hope that you have a lot of fun being creative in the kitchen with rosemary.

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