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Quickly Treat Skin Inflammation
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Our fangocur products are a proven natural remedy for skin problems
Skin inflammation can have serious negative impacts on one's quality of life – the quality products from fangocur provide 100% natural healing and are certified for medical use

Do you sometimes have inflamed skin, for example eczema or dermatitis, that sometimes becomes more noticeable? If you're someone who experiences such milder symptoms, today we have some natural treatment suggestions just for you. Not much time is required, an they are all easy to integrate into your everyday routine.

A natural treatment that's easy to integrate into everyday life

Nearly everyone has likely been in this situation at some time in their lives: a skin irritation that appears, seemingly without cause, adding complication to normal life. This might take the form of eczema or a mild rash related to dermatitis – regardless, the condition is certainly an annoyance. In such cases, we at fangocur have some all-natural treatment suggestions for you, and they are all easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Our Mineral Cream N°5 can be used as a daytime or overnight skin cream that is applied directly to the problem area. It's economical to use – you don't need to use much for one application – and you can count on it to address rashes related to the skin conditions mentioned above. It soothes irritated skin, making it easier for you to relax more in general. One big advantage of Mineral Cream N°5 is that it can be used frequently throughout the day, depending on your specific needs.

The Curative Mineral Soap is the perfect complement to our unique skin cream. You simply use the soap for everyday washing and then follow up with Mineral Cream N°5. This combination means that you can utilise two treatments in parallel – soap and skin cream – freeing up more time in your busy day. Both our Curative Mineral Soap and our Mineral Cream N°5 can be used as part of your long-term skincare plan.

It's easy to order these products in our online shop:

Mineral Cream N°5

Curative Mineral Soap

What can be done if the condition is more severe?

If your symptoms are more than mild, or you'd prefer to treat your skin condition in a more intensive way, we can also wholeheartedly recommend our Curative Mineral Mask. You simply apply the mask to the problem area every day for two weeks, leaving it on to work for between 20 and 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. The mask acts to deeply cleanse the skin, providing a natural detoxification. Moreover, it's ideal to use the Curative Mineral Mask in combination with our Mineral Cream N°5 and Curative Mineral Soap. The Curative Mineral Mask is for short-term therapeutic use, i.e. use it for the recommended time as described, take some time off, then begin the application cycle again.

Order the Curative Mineral Mask here

Our products are certified for medical use. Please contact us if you have any questions:

Telephone: 0043 123 503 29 31


You'll find all of our quality products in our healthy online shop!

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