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Making the Best of Hot Summer Days
(22.08.2022) back
When it's extremely hot outside, little changes to everyday life can make all the difference
The hot summer of 2022 goes on and on – we hope that our tips help to keep you comfortable in the heat

High temperatures are a guaranteed part of the summer months, and this July and August seems to be on track to top all the records. Temperatures all over Europe are exceeding 30 degrees almost every day – we're even seeing 35 degrees or more in some places. Today we would like to help you to stay more comfortable with some useful tips for the hot summer days to come.

Extreme heat as the new normal – how to stay comfortable in the summer

This summer certainly seems to be topping previous years when it comes to high temperatures. In many larger cities, even the nighttime temperature isn't falling below 20 degrees, and certainly not much cooler. Naturally we have all experienced heat waves in the past, but the way things are going this year, it's looking like extreme heat is the new normal. This is prompting many to ask a serious question: What can be done to stay as cool and comfortable as possible through the heat of summertime? We have a few tips for you:

  • Try to get up early so that you can open the windows and let the cooler night air into your flat or home. If you have any outdoor work to do, for example yard work or home maintenance, get it done early before you start your normal daily routine.

  • After airing out your living space, close the windows as well as the curtains, blinds or shutters to keep it as cool as possible indoors.

  • Shower with lukewarm water rather than hot water. This is a better way to cool your body than using ice cold water because the body has a rebound reaction to exposure to cold – you actually feel warmer after a cold shower.

  • If at all possible, choose clothing that is lightweight and lose-fitting.

  • When it's extremely hot, eating a lighter midday meal is recommended. Then the body will use less energy for digestion, which in turn helps you stay cool.

  • Also drink at regular intervals rather than waiting until you are thirsty. Even if it seems like cold water cools you down, this is in fact not the case. Just like cold showers, there's a rebound response as your body needs to work to warm the fluid to body temperature. That's why it's better to enjoy a drink that's room temperature.

  • Whenever you have the chance, take a break to cool down. If time is limited, take a quick shower – of course going for a swim is even better.

  • As you work through your tasks for the day, try to make use of the morning and evening hours. We recommend avoiding anything too strenuous during the hot afternoon hours. Ideally you should stay cool in the shade when the sunshine and heat are at their most intense.

  • Likewise, be sure to get your workout in either during the first few hours of the day or in the evening when temperatures drop.

  • Sometime at the end of the day, open the windows to let in cooler air before going to bed…or even sleep with open windows if possible

To cool your skin when you're on the go, we recommend our Mineral Clarifying Tonic. It thoroughly hydrates down to the deeper layers of your skin, leaving you feeling more fresh on a hot summer day. We hope that you found our tips helpful, and we wish you all the best for the summer days yet to come.

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