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Discover the naturally organic shower gel from fangocur!
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The fangocur Mineral Gentle Shower Gel is an everyday wellness experience
Organic fangocur Mineral Gentle Shower Gel cleans, soothes and reinvigorates your skin in a natural way

This is something we all generally use daily, and it comes into contact with the largest organ of the body. These facts suggest that the use of these products deserves more attention, but most people don't give it much thought. Today we'll be looking at what you ought to be keeping in mind in order to choose the best option for you.

A better everyday shower experience?

Many people use shower gel every day, still most people don't put a lot of thought into this everyday skincare product: shower gel. Of course the shower gel we use should feel good on our skin and have a nice fragrance, moreover it should do a good job cleaning our skin! If these criteria are satisfied, we might say that we've found a product that meets our needs. If we go a step beyond this point, we might also ask ourselves how good the product is for our skin and whether or not it is sustainably produced. Ideally, a shower gel should meet all of our needs…including being good for us as well as being good for the environment. We at fangocur have given these issues thorough consideration in the development of a shower gel that fulfils all of the mentioned criteria.

About the Mineral Gentle Shower Gel from fangocur:

- Cleanses, soothes and reinvigorates the skin in a natural way

- Prevents skin irritation and works to stop existing inflammation

- 100% organic

- Well tolerated by people with allergies or sensitive skin

- Made in Austria

The Gossendorf fango contained in the Mineral Gentle Shower Gel soothes the skin while the jojoba oil provides a nourishing effect. This comprehensive wellness experience for home use also offers a fresh herbal scent, making for a relaxing way to ease into your day. Switch to the our organic shower gel and enjoy an everyday holiday for your skin – it's smells great, it feels great, and it's also great for your skin!

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