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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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It didn't take long for the Mineral Drink to significantly lessen my gastritis symptoms

Mr Hartmut Bock, a chronic gastritis sufferer, had high expectations for the Mineral Drink…and he wasn't disappointed.
  • Gastritis & peptic ulcers
  • Heartburn
  • Experience:
    I've had chronic gastritis for a few years. Whenever I'm stressed or irritated at work, the symptoms become almost unbearable. A non-stop burning sensation in my stomach, heartburn and indigestion were normal parts of my daily life. I had endoscopy of my stomach several times and I also had to undergo other tests – the doctors didn't ever seem to understand the real nature of the problem or the results I was living with. That's why, time and time again, I was given medications like Pantozol to reduce the acidity of my stomach. They promised improvement but I hardly noticed any change. They were doing nothing to fight the deeper cause of the problem.

    Last year in November my daughter Nicole started to collect information about gastritis and what can be done about it. She showed me the results of her research – everything she thought was worth knowing – and among her finds was the fangocur website. There we found ingredient descriptions, testimonials from other patients and the products' recognition by the Vienna Medical University. At first I was sceptical about healing clay and the high level of effectiveness promised, but I was still curious…I had found new hope.

    My daughter contacted Ms Koch, a member of the fangocur Team, and described my symptoms to her. Her level of expertise, helpfulness and her honesty in describing the chances of success lead to our placing an order. I actually ended up receiving the "wonder earth" as a Christmas gift. I was full of hope as well as positive expectations. In January I started eating better in general, doing more exercise and I also started with my first short-term Mineral Drink treatment. I noticed positive changes during my second intensive short-term treatment. All of my symptoms became less and less, and at this point I'm symptom-free.

    I plan to do the recommended treatment regularly -- I'd like to balance and restore my stomach and esophagus as well as my digestion in general.

    Conclusion: The Mineral Dring from fangocur is as effective as promised! Life is going better for me than it has in a very long time. My enthusiasm for life is renewed and I'm having more fun…without annoying ill health.

    Translated from the original German

    Chronic gastritis with burning, heartburn and indigestion

    Product(s) Used:
    fangocur Mineral Drink

    Mr Hartmut Bock of Meuselbach (Germany)
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