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Psoriasis on the left shin, healing well with fangocur

A bad case of psoriasis on the lower left leg is healing well. Sabine Strnad writes about her experience with fangocur.
  • Psoriasis
  • Experience:
    I've had very bad psoriasis on my left shin for years. The area was about twice as big as my palm and was very flaky. It really was disgusting to look at and so also caused me mental stress – I only wore long pants through the summer. I tried a lot of things to solve the problem, from salves and creams to horse milk. Nothing helped.

    In November of last year I found the Curative Mineral Mask from fangocur on the internet. I tried it out right away on my psoriasis. During the second treatment there was a lot of burning where the skin was injured. I continued with the treatments, and every time the burning was less than the last. After the fourth or fifth application, there was no more burning.

    Although I didn't notice it healing right away, I had the feeling that the mask was helping and I still believed in the positive effects. After 10 days I noticed that the edges of the wounds was beginning to heal. First a crust formed, which then fell off revealing fresh skin that was smooth to the touch. It looked beautiful, the scaly skin was gone. I was really happy with this level of success and continued. The areas that had healed grew in size, and after a treatment of about six weeks (with some short pauses) about 50% of the psoriasis has been healed by the mineral mask.
    I'm going to continue until everything is healed. I am surprised that I can wear a skirt again in the summer. I'll write again and let you know how the rest of my treatment went and if the really stubborn patches also go away. It's important to say that for severe psoriasis like mine, it really takes some patience (and a few weeks) and consistent treatment with the fangocur. The results were certainly clear.

    Translated from the original German.

    severe and stubborn psoriasis on the left lower leg

    Length of Treatment:
    6 weeks with short pauses, treatment continues

    Product(s) Used:
    Curative Mineral Mask

    Psoriasis much improved through consistent use of the Curative Mineral Mask
    Mrs. Sabine Strnad of Tribuswinkel writes in about her psoriasis treatment
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