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Chronic gastritis (type C) gone in only a few weeks

Judit Koloszar of Vienna gives the details of her treatment of gastritis with the Mineral Drink.
  • Gastritis & peptic ulcers
  • Experience:
    I have a stressful job and over the last 5 years I've been taking classes to advance my career. Likely due to stress, 2½ years ago I developed chronic type C gastritis. This was confirmed by an endoscopic examination. I followed all the medical advice: I took a prescribed antacid called Pariet for several months, integrated workouts into my life, added more light, high-quality foods to my diet, but there was no change in the gastritis.

    I could not get a good explanation of the disease from the doctors and the gastroscopy report also told me nothing, so I searched Google for about a month, just entering the Latin words from the gastroscopy report. I wanted to understand the condition. Luckily I found a good medical website ( which described the gastritis and the different types which exist. I followed a link from that site to fangocur. At first I didn't believe in the cure-all mineral drink – I thought it was nonsense.

    I clicked anyway just to have a look at the website. It looked too professional and well-organized to be a scam. It was on the fangocur that I first learned that the excessive acid could not be resolved through diet changes alone, something I'd not heard from doctors or specialists. I had already assumed that the antacids only treated the symptoms – for me the Pariet (the medication I was prescribed by a doctor) did not even treat the symptoms much less the real source of the problem.

    As I said, I was pretty sceptical of a product like fangocur that claimed to be a cure-all, as the website said it not only worked for gastritis and peptic ulcers but also for neurodermatitis. How can that possibly be true I though. Nonetheless, I ordered the Mineral Drink.

    Later I discovered the endorsement from the Vienna Medical University on the website. At around that time I started with the first 3 week therapy regimen. Over the previous few weeks I had become better informed about gastritis, and for that I was thankful. The symptoms which I had battled since the fall of 2005 were 90% eliminated after only the first 2 weeks of using the fangocur. Simultaneously my whole body began to feel better. It was interesting to observe that the foot reflex zones (near the heels) which relate to digestion and the stomach also changed a lot in that first 2-3 weeks; i.e. the positive changes in my stomach and digestion in general were really obvious.

    As a nice side effect, my complexion is also a lot better (I sometimes broke out when the gastritis flared up). The symptoms completely disappeared after the first treatment cycle and my stomach seems to have really calmed down. I now do the therapy regularly. I'm really sorry that it took 2 years to find this website, and think it's completely unexplainable why a treatment endorsed by the Vienna Medical University was not recommended to me by a single doctor or pharmacist. If I had not happened on the site while using Google, I might have had to suffer with the disease for years – not to mention the overall weakening of the body that goes along with chronic gastritis. I have written this summary and submitted my photo with hopes that it will help others in a similar situation.

    Translated from the original German.

    chronic gastritis, type C

    Length of Treatment:
    3 week Mineral Drink regimen

    Product(s) Used:
    fangocur Mineral Drink

    Judit Koloszar, Vienna
    Judit Koloszar, Vienna
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