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Acne diagnosis: great success using the Acne Mineral Mask and Mineral Drink

A happy mother describes a tremendous success in treating her 17 year old son's acne.
  • Acne, blemishes, problem skin
  • Experience:
    First I'd like to say that our success is both surprising and amazing!

    In case you're wondering why I'm writing today: we started using the mask a few days after it arrived in the post because Andi was working on a big project that he wanted to finish up first. I have to say that his skin changed a lot after the first use of the Acne Mineral Mask.

    It was already noticeable after the first use – his skin was really clean and more smooth, and I had the impression that the skin even that first time got some "air". The litre-sized containers of special creams and soaps that we got from the dermatologist didn't have that effect in all the times we used them. This showed us that the problem was actually deeper than the prescribed liquid soaps could reach.

    Now it's like Andi is a completely different person. He is much more self-confident and is better with people in general, and I have the impression that he all-in-all is having more fun. That might sound like an exaggeration to you, but it's true. He not only had a series of unsuccessful acne treatments behind him, he was also a pretty introverted person throughout the whole acne-experience. I can tell you that my husband and I were both amazed at how much fun he started having with his friends. Before that he was very quiet – he almost never spoke if he wasn't spoken to and he didn't seem to enjoy his life so much. He changed back to the way he was before the acne.

    I felt like I had to share this with you!

    I think it's important for you to get feedback. It's safe to say that Andi had a really bad case of acne and if it helped him, it's perhaps interesting for other people who suffer with this condition to know about. This was a severe acne diagnosis and we had amazing success!

    We're using the mask every two to three days and every time after we use it, that's to say just in the following days, the skin still becomes a little more normal looking and more smooth. The best part is that the "islands" where the pimples always seemed to come back have gone away and they haven't come back! It's almost unbelievable!

    We've already decided to continue using the mask like this and just apply less – I'm placing another order now on your site. It's really rare to be this lucky and to have something to show for it.

    With heartfelt thanks,
    Renate Piesch

    Translated from the original German.

    Mrs. Piesch asked that we pass on her contact information to anyone wishing to write her. If you'd like to contact her, write us at and we'll send her contact details. At the request of her son, no photos have been posted.

    Her son was diagnosed with severe acne.

    Length of Treatment:
    This is our experience. For about the first 10 days we applied the mask every day. We only used it in the evenings. Andi needed no reminding and left the mask on until it was completely dry, sometimes for two hours or even longer. I didn't say say anything about it – I though he knew best if it was doing him good or not.

    It was interesting that some days he washed off the mask a little earlier than usual, as if he just had the feeling that a longer treatment wasn't needed that day. I just watched all this and thought that intuition must be playing a part, and again left it up to him. Now we use the mask every two days, or sometimes every three days. He usually skips it altogether on the weekend as he has things to do and comes home later.

    It might be interesting for you to learn that we usually apply the mask very thinly. That's not because we're trying to conserve the mask but because he just doesn't like the feeling of a thicker layer. He leaves it on for a long time, maybe while he reads or uses the computer in the evening, and a thicker mask would just be annoying. I though of this when I looked again at the 'model' on your website – she applies the mask much more thickly. Andi really put on only a thin layer – and IT STILL WORKED!

    Here's something else I notice, maybe it's something interesting for you. He used a completely normal soap in the morning and evening, though your tip recommends otherwise. I've forgotten what it's called as I threw out the package, but it's a just an everyday soap. Given your advice it must be a natural soap. He gulps down the Mineral Drink once a day. The strong taste is almost too much for him, but he drinks it every day consistently.

    I think that using a special sponge to wash off the mask is not very important. Maybe some people have the feeling that it's easier to wash of the mask with the sponge, or that there's some psychological 'rubbing-off' effect. It seems to me that the mask itself is mostly responsible for removal of excess skin. Nonetheless, I say to each his own – if someone feels that it works better with a special 'tool', then maybe it can have that effect.

    Translated from the original German.

    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask from fangocur
    Mineral Drink from fangocur
    fangocur Natural Facial Sponge

    Mrs Renate Piesch from Innsbruck
    Mrs Renate Piesch from Innsbruck
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