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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Rosacea and chronic gastritis successfully treated with fangocur

Susanne Birr of Berlin writes in about a successful treatment using the Acne Mask and Mineral Drink from fangocur to treat her rosacea and chronic gastritis.
  • Gastritis & peptic ulcers
  • Rosacea
  • Experience:
    Dear fangocur Team,

    I'm writing today to relate the details of my therapy using the products from fangocur.

    Condition of the skin at the start of the treatment:

    My complexion was relatively good – there were only a few spots on my cheekbones and chin accompanied by some additional redness in these areas. My forehead and cheeks had a bumpy appearance which could be seen in normally lighting. My upper back and neck were the areas most affected – there I had large area of inflammation and many painful pimples.

    I followed as 17 day course of treatment as is described below:

    In the morning I used the Acne Mineral Soap to wash my face. It lathers nicely, cleanses well and leaves the skill feeling very clean. There was no tight feeling in the skin. Then I drank the mineral drink on an empty stomach as described; i.e. one teaspoon (plastic) mixed into 1/8 litre of water and allowed to steep for at least 10 minutes. I then stirred the drink once again before drinking. It looked terrible, smelled somehow stale and earthy – and that's exactly how it tastes. If it helps… So I drank it down followed by a good amount of water.

    In the evening I again washed with the Acne Mineral Soap. I then applied the Acne Mineral Mask. The mask is ready to use (wet) and a small applicator is included in the package for applying the green-grey mask to the face. It didn't work for me, so I just used my fingers. I left the mask on for approximately 25 minutes until the mask was completely dry (as directed) – this caused quite a feeling of tightness in the skin. Following I used the fine-pored natural sea sponge and a lot of water to remove the mask. After removal my skin felt good and only a little of the skin tightness remained. I used no additional cream or lotion following.

    During the treatment, I stopped using Metrocreme (an antibiotic cream prescribed by the dermatologist) and the lapacho tea I was drinking for it's anti-inflammatory effects.

    Shortly before going to bed I again drank a Mineral Drink.

    I followed this schedule for 17 days. In this time my skin condition has noticeably improved. The inflammation became less and less, and in the end it was gone almost entirely. Once I left the Mineral Mask on for 30 minutes and that was certainly too long for me. My skin became very red and taught – it was almost painful. I reduced the application time to 15 minutes after that and started using an egg timer to avoid leaving the mask on for too long. After a day my skin was back to normal.

    Of course my appearance was not exactly beautiful during the treatment (I sometimes watched the evening news with a green face). He'll put up with most anything if I say that it's helpful for me. He also noticed that my skin condition was improving and along with it my mood! The first thing I did in the evening on returning home from work was to wash off my make up with the Acne Mineral Soap. I still do that now. I love when my complexion feels so clean and pure. After a few days of the treatment, I even watered the plants and the balcony with my green face – I used the 15 minutes to take care of things around the house. If the neighbours have a problem with it, they can simply choose to look in another direction!

    I have to add that I found that the natural sponge was ideal for removing the Acne Mineral Mask. I'd tried other mineral masks in the past and used a wash cloth to remove them – every time I made quite a mess of the bathroom. This was thankfully no longer the case.

    I did have a small problem with the taste of the Mineral Drink. When I drank it in the morning it was relatively easy to drink down as I was still half asleep. In the evening it was a different story and I was very irritated with the taste. I must have drank half a litre of water afterwards just to get rid of the taste in my mouth. I also naturally had to make more frequent trips to the WC… but as long as it helps, I though to myself. Sigh…
    And it did help. ;-)

    My Conclusion:

    At the start I was rather sceptical that a natural product like the fango healing clay could really help me with my inflammatory rosacea, a skin condition without a cure. When I stumbled on the website via an internet search I noticed that it was not at all an aggressive sell – I liked this and it also made me curious. Almost without exception, those who have rosacea will try almost anything.

    I'm really very pleasantly surprised! I never expected that this natural product which is only applied to the affected areas could work so well as oral antibiotics!

    I especially liked the acne mineral soap – it cleans gently but still manages to remove my most stubborn make up. I was also very surprised with the Acne Mineral Mask – I can certainly recommend it to others who suffer with rosacea. The inflammation in my face is almost gone and it seldom flares up. Also the pimples which were so deep under the skin on my chin have gone away. The small bumps under the skin have also almost completely disappeared. The slight reddening of my complexion does remain, though. The sponge is also nice – quite useful for removing the mask from the face.

    The Mineral Drink therapy helped with my chronic gastritis and the heartburn is much less – always a sign that I was about to have severe problems which required a trip to hospital. I wonder if the Mineral Drink helped with my rosacea…? There are still several inflamed areas on my upper neck and back. I didn't apply the Mineral Mask to these areas. Going by the taste, I would leave that out of the treatment.

    I'm really very happy with the Acne Mineral Soap, with the sponge and above all with the Acne Mineral Mask.

    Very warm regards from Berlin,

    Susanne Birr

    Translated from the original German

    Rosacea along with chronic gastritis

    Length of Treatment:
    17 days

    Product(s) Used:
    Acne Mineral Mask
    Acne Mineral Soap
    Mineral Drink
    Natural Sea Sponge (Face)

    Using fangocur for rosacea and gastritis – a testimonial
    Susanne Birr from Berlin writes in about her experience with fangocur
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