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About Our Products : fangocur Testimonial
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Atopic eczema healed – Dolores Griza reports on her son's treatment with fangocur

The Curative Mineral Mask for Babies brought the baby eczema under control. A detailed report from Mrs Delores Griza of Warmsen (Germany) on her son's eczema treatment.
  • Dermatitis & childhood skin conditions
  • Experience:

    Mrs Dolores Griza of Warmsen (Germany) sent in the following letter which we present to you unedited and in its entirety:

    "Dear Sir or Madam:

    Today I'd like to tell you about how good, or more accurately said how great the fangocur Curative Mineral Mask for Babies is. Since a few weeks after birth my son suffered with bad skin on his face and both legs. I went from one paediatrician to another looking for a solution, and eventually also a dermatologist. The diagnosis: atopic eczema.

    I began applying milk-fat to the skin on his face and legs. I refuse to use cortisone cream on my baby. Eventually the open sores on his face went away, but the skin on his legs simply would not heal properly. While looking around the internet I happened your product and decided to give it a try.

    As said, I treated our son with it and found that even after the very first treatment he stopped scratching. Over the next few days the skin condition worsened quite a lot. It became red and started to weep. Oh god. I was worried and so called your company – a very nice woman told me that this was completely normal and that I should nonetheless continue with the treatment. After only a few more days I saw that the affected patches crusted over and then the crust soon fell off. After that I must say that my son had good skin as I then applied milk-fat to the skin on his legs which is very dry.

    It's been no problem for some time now. He's now getting his first teeth, so of course that causes irritation. I still use the product when necessary. I'd like to say thank you very much for the advice provided over the phone – I would only use fangocur from now on. I'm including a few photos so you can see for yourself.

    Thank you very much.


    D. Griza"

    Translated from the original German.

    Atopic eczema (baby eczema)

    Length of Treatment:
    Twice per day for 3 weeks

    Product(s) Used:
    Curative Mineral Mask for Babies

    The fangocur Mineral Mask works – the atopic eczema on his leg was healed
    Finally healthy skin – the stubborn baby eczema is gone thanks to fangocur
    The skin became quite dry and raw
    Even though the baby eczema was very stubborn, after only a few days it was easy to see an improvement
    The condition of the skin then improved thanks to the treatment with fangocur
    The symptoms worsened and the skin became even more dry and raw
    The treatment is successful – obviously healthy the skin
    The raw skin dried and peeled off after a few days, leaving only healthy skin
    Help for atopic eczema and dermatitis from fangocur – a testimonial from Germany
    The atopic eczema on the leg is completely healed - another fangocur success
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