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Irritable bowel problems quickly resolved by the fangocur Mineral Drink

Ms Julia Mercsak of Hamburg (Germany) describes how she finally found success with the Mineral Drink after receiving many unsatisfactory diagnosis.
  • Intestinal problems
  • Experience:

    For around a half year I've been dealing with a pain in my left abdomen. I had always thought that it was some sort of abdominal infection or maybe even tape worms. After several doctor visits with several diagnoses, I was relieved to find out that my test results were normal. I was still unhappy to have the pain though – sometimes it was so bad that I didn't want to move or even sit down.

    I did receive a diagnosis of MS early last year and it was determined that the MS seems to be hindering the movement in my intestines. This can't be remedied. The only option is to improve one's diet, which I've done. I still did not get satisfactory results (the condition did not improve) so I though to myself that it's really up to me to improve my health.

    I stumbled on your site while on the internet and I had the idea that it would be good to try it out. It couldn't really get any worse. There were also so many positive testimonials (I have to admit that before this I didn't put a lot of trust in natural remedies, unfortunately). So I ordered the Mineral Drink in July and I really have to say that I'm pleasantly surprised. I started using it right away in the evening, and the very first morning the pain was "almost" gone "overnight"!!! It took less than a week for the pain to completely disappear.

    Until now it's not come back, at least not at the level it was before. It's a shame that the price is so high (I'd like to try more things). I'll still be ordering from you often just because the Mineral Drink has been a real "miracle cure" for me. I'll do a short-term therapy from time to time just as a preventative measure.

    J. Mercsa

    Translated from the original German.

    Pain in the left abdomen

    Length of Treatment:
    One short-term treatment

    Product(s) Used:
    fangocur Mineral Drink

    Irritable bowel problems quickly resolved thanks to the Mineral Drink
    Ms Julia Mercsak of Hamburg (Germany)
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