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Ulcerative Colitis Under Control with the Mineral Drink MICRO

Thanks to the Mineral Drink MICRO, Ms Eva Steiner has her ulcerative colitis under control and she's pleased to recommend the drink treatment to others.
  • Ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease
  • Experience:
    Dear sir or madam,

    I developed colitis 20 years ago when I had 12 amalgam fillings removed within one month's time. I had a proper heavy metal poisoning. My large intestine still didn't calm down even after trying selenium to remove the harmful material. The advice I give to everyone who suffers with ulcerative colitis is as follows: if possible avoid dairy products which come from cows' milk an even better is to change to a lactose-free diet. These products increase the amount of mucus in the body and so also the intestines. At the same time it's best to eat only mild foods and avoid hot or spicy foods. If you can stop eating meat all the better because meat tends to stay longer in the colon. For me it's not really a sacrifice as I notice that I feel so much better and that as a result my life quality in general has improved.

    I've been taking the Mineral Drink according to the instructions for 6 days. The flare-ups of ulcerative colitis which I've had for 20 years have not come back. Of course I've been avoiding products containing lactose for many years and for three months I've been avoided foods that I've tested allergic to. I find that the Mineral Drink horrible to take. Oh well, the main think is that it works, and that it does! I hope that after the 2x 3-week intensive treatment, the flare-ups will never return. After the first of the 2 week Mineral Drink treatments, it's already going very well and there's been almost no mucus in my stool. I haven't seen any more blood at all. In the mean time the flare-ups have also not come back.

    After a one week drink pause, I started taking it again. I don't have ulcerative colitis flare-ups anymore and it's fantastic that I can once again go for walks lasting hours without concern. Before this I could no longer do such a thing as I had to always be sure that I was near a WC.

    Yours truly,

    Eva Steiner (Switzerland)


    Ulcerative colitis

    Length of Treatment:
    6 weeks (2 intensive treatments with a 7 day pause in between)

    Product(s) Used:
    fangocur Mineral Drink MICRO

    Eva Steiner (Switzerland)
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