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TRIGGERSeating Backrest (Double Pack)

Price: £158.76 

Available for immediate delivery  Available for immediate delivery

Item number: 1126
Description: TRIGGERSeating from fangocur is a special backrest that fits any automobile seat. The patented technology was developed by internationally known sports physician and orthopaedist Dr. Eduard Lanz.
From an orthopaedic and sports medicine perspective, this backrest optimises the seat of any vehicle. With TRIGGERSeating, every drive is like movement training for the body.
It is suitable for use in any automobile. Installation is simple thanks to flexible fastening straps.
A quality design with an attractive appearance.

Dimensions: 62 cm x 31 cm x 4 cm

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Effects/use: This backrest mobilises the musculature during your drive and thus helps to protect against back pain, intervertebral disc problems and muscle tension. The patented trigger point technology encourages the full mobility of the spine, supports the sacrum and unburdens the discs. In addition, the shoulders and neck are relieved of strain – muscle tension in this area is actively counteracted.

TRIGGERSeating ensures that the back pain and tension which is so commonly part of driving no longer occur, and it also works to gently rid you of any pre-existing discomfort.

Thanks to TRIGGERSeating every automobile trip becomes a gentle movement treatment.

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