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ArthroDisc Joint and Disc Capsules (240 capsules)

Price: £87.55 

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Item number: 1128

ArthroDisc is the only product in the world to simultaneously encourage regeneration of joint cartilage and improve the health of the cartilaginous discs between the vertebrae. The combination of red and green capsules contains important nutrients the body needs to repair cartilage in the joints as well as the intervertebral discs. This promotes long-term regeneration, allowing one to move without pain well into the later years of life.

Contents: 240 capsules (vegetable capsules)

ArthroDisc has been especially developed for those who suffer with joint problems, back problems, damaged cartilage or tendons as well as spinal disc degeneration. The reasons for such conditions are many: sports related overuse or injury, aging, poor posture or body use, excess weight, metabolic disturbances.

ArthroDisc fights joint pain as it stops joint degeneration and encourages joint repair. ArthroDisc contains glucosamine and chondroitin, very important substances in the regeneration and renewal of cartilage; they also promote production of the lubricating fluid in the joints. They activate the metabolism of the joints while helping to eliminate friction – this results in more better joint movement and back movement as hydration of the cartilage is encouraged. ArthroDisc also contains additional vitamins and amino acids as well as manganese, a trace element that optimises the function and elasticity of the tendons.

The makeup of the capsules has been specifically developed for the joints and the spinal discs. The red capsules address joint problems while the green capsules encourage better disc function.

Developed by Dr. Eduard Lanz, a leading orthopaedist and sports physician.

Effects/use: Indications:
  • For all types of joint pain, back pain, cartilage-related pain, tendon pain and disc problems which are caused by inflammation, injury, overuse, excess or improper tension as well as for the prevention of such conditions.
  • Addresses the real cause of joint pain
  • Fights stubborn aches and pains
  • Reduces joint inflammation
  • Provides your joints with needed repair substances
  • Encourage cartilage repair and regeneration
  • Promotes the production of synovial fluid (lubricates the joints)
  • Acts as a powerful joint antioxidant
The way you use ArthroDisc depends on your needs and goals:

Intensive: For those with joint or back problems, it’s best to start with an intensive treatment – this provides the joints with essential chondroitin and glucosamine to help restore the joints’ capacity to protect itself. ArthroDisc should be taken at mealtime. Take 2 red caps in the morning and 2 green caps in the evening. Tip: Save money by ordering the discounted double pack (240 capsules) right away. An intensive treatment lasts 2 months.

Refresher: To ensure the lasting beneficial of your treatment, you should complete a refresher treatment 1 month after you finish the intensive treatment. This help you to continue moving with ease and to maintain healthy motion in your joints. ArthroDisc should be taken at mealtime. Take 1 red capsule in the morning and 1 green capsule in the evening. For the refresher treatment you’ll need a single package of ArthroDisc (120 caps). A refresher treatment lasts 2 months.

Prevention: Once you’ve completed the refresher treatment you should complete a preventive treatment twice per year, even if you’re free of symptoms. Here you take one red cap in the morning and one green cap in the evening – as before, ArthroDisc should be taken at mealtime. You’ll need 1 package of ArthroDisc. The prevention treatment lasts 2 months.


Arthro Capsules (red):
glucosamine sulfate 35.5%, chondroitin sulphate 29.6%, hypromellose, L-cysteine 5.9%, coral calcium 5.9%, methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) 2.4%, rose hip powder (organically grown), manganese gluconate 2.2%, anti-caking agent: magnesium salt from plant oils (vegetable), anti-caking agent: silicone dioxide, colouring: iron oxide pigment, calciol 0.1%.

Disc Capsules (green):
glucosamine sulfate 37.8%, chondroitin sulphate 31.5%, hypromellose, hydrolysed collagen 6.3%, bamboo extract 3.8%, L-ascorbic acid 3.4%, anti-caking agent: magnesium salt from plant oils (vegetable), anti-caking agent: silicone dioxide, pyridoxine HCl 0.2%, colouring: chlorophyll-copper complex, calciol 0.1%.

Dietary supplement, contains no sugar and no sugar substitutes, no lactose, no yeast, no gluten, no purine and no iodine. Free of artificial colouring and preservatives. Vegetable capsules.

Quality tested. Developed by physicians.

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