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TriggerMoving Comfort Insoles (Double Pack)

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Item number: 1132
Description: TriggerMoving Comfort Insoles from Dr. Lanz are not orthopaedic supports for the feet – instead they are training devices that encourage the same movement in the foot as when running barefoot. TriggerMoving Comfort insoles are helpful in preventing and treating painful dysfunctional patterns in the feet.

The Comfort Insoles are optimal for all types of everyday footwear. They are a bit thinner and not anti-slip. If needed, the toe section of the insoles can easily be sized with a scissors for an optimal fit.

  • Patented proprioceptive insoles
  • Treatment and prevention of painful foot dysfunction
  • Fit in all shoes
  • Intended for everyday footwear
  • Available in sizes 35 to 47
  • Washable (by hand)
How they work:
1. TriggerMoving Insoles work proprioceptively
Muscle chain endpoints on the soles of the feet are activated or inhibited, resulting in proprioceptive reactions in the body structure. This means that the insoles inform the body via the feet and create muscular balance through an activating impulse for muscles too low in tone and a deactivating impulse for muscles with excessive tone.

2. TriggerMoving Insoles work actively
Through the intentional placement of small pads at specific places to contact the short foot musculature at the front of the foot, a directly improvement in the foot structure is encouraged. For the pushing off movement of the foot, the interlocking mechanism of the arch of the foot is supported and the form of the lateral arch, from the big toe to the 2nd through 5th toes, is lengthened.

3. TriggerMoving Insoles work passively
Strain is relieved through passive changes in the boney structures and tendinous attachments of the heel and middle foot. Through the elevation of the inner border of the heal along with the elevation of the external border of the middle foot, the cushioning movement of the foot is passively encouraged and the step over the movement chain is softened.

4. TriggerMoving Insoles work to keep the feet centred
As the insoles have non-slip upper surfaces (TriggerMoving ProSport), the foot stays centred on the sole, even with sideways or jumping movements. This is perceived by the wearer as better heel positioning; objectively, the development of callouses and blisters is minimised.

5. TriggerMoving Insoles have an insulating effect
To protect the feet from uneven surfaces and related strain, TriggerMoving Insoles are constructed with two different materials to improve their function and dampening capacity.

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