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ArthroDisc WAX (double pack)

Price: £31.48 

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Item number: 1149

This is a warming muscle cream that both relieves pain and increases local circulation. Use it to sooth and relax tight muscles.

Apply ArthroDisc WAX to areas affected by muscle spasm, muscle soreness or muscle tension. You'll quickly notice the warming effects.

  • Enhances local circulation
  • Lessens muscle tension
  • Eases pain

Size: 75ml


Using ArthroDisc WAX

Apply the cream several times per day. Do not use on injured or irritated skin, varicose veins or mucus membranes. Not suitable for babies or young children. Avoid contact with eyes.


Devil’s Claw: This root is found in the Kalahari Desert. It is effective against inflammation and muscle tension related to osteoarthritis and other conditions that limit mobility.

Arnica: This time-proven healing plant lessens muscle and joint symptoms.

Wintergreen Oil: The wintergreen plant has a very high concentration of natural salicylate and works to eliminate cramps and pain just as aspirin does. It is used to fight muscle pain related to physical activity, inflammatory conditions and gout. As it is so effective, it is also used for headaches and is among the essential oils that is best at relieving pain. It is also used for its calming, anti-anxiety and mood enhancing effects.

Sunflower Oil: A traditional oil used to treat wounds and counter inflammatory conditions.

Camphor: This is an old remedy for arthritis, tendinitis, swelling due to trauma, myalgia (muscle pain) and bursitis. It has a long history of use in treating strains and sprains.

Chilli Pepper Extract: Chilli pepper contains capsicum which enhances circulation as it has a lasting effect on the nerve endings in the skin that are responsible for heat and cold sensations.

Carotene Oil: This oil gives ArthroDisc WAX its colour. It is an outstanding antioxidant, making it effective against skin aging, and it also contains vitamin A.

Contains no artificial colours or preservatives.

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