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fangocur - Mineral Herpes Cream (Double Pack)

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Item number: 2122

The fangocur Mineral Herpes Cream has been especially developed to get rid of cold sores and mouth ulcers as well as encourage the healing of injuries to the sensitive membrane lining the inside of the mouth. It effectively restores a healthy oral environment. Commonly available treatments for herpes can, due to the industrially produced artificial chemicals they contain, harm the natural balance of the environment within the mouth. The Mineral Herpes Cream from fangocur contains only 100% natural ingredients.

This combination of all-natural, carefully selected and high-quality ingredients works to reduce inflammation. It fights the swelling related to cold sores (herpes simplex), mouth ulcers and other injuries within the mouth. In addition, thanks to the anti-microbial action of the Mineral Herpes Cream, germs within the inflamed blisters in the mouth or on the lips are effectively eliminated. The essential oils contained in the cream soothe and strengthen the lining of the mouth and the lips.

Package size: 2x15ml (A little goes a long way!)


In the early stages of development, or just after a herpes outbreak:

Apply the Mineral Herpes Cream to the affected area as soon as you notice even the slightest inflammation. First dry the area with a clean cloth, then rub in a pea-sized drop of Mineral Herpes Cream. Whether being used inside the mouth or on the lips, it’s ideal if you can keep the area dry for a few seconds after application. Use the Mineral Herpes Cream several times a day, even if you’re out and about, for a total of 2 to 3 days.

In the acute stages of the herpes inflammation:

When blisters are already present, use 3 to 4 times per day is advised. The affected area should first be patted dry with a clean cloth, and then a pea-sized drop of the Mineral Herpes Cream should be applied. Gently rub in the cream and try to keep the area dry for a few seconds after application as this allows the cream to remain on the area for a longer period of time. Continue with the treatment until the cold sore dries out, a crust develops and this crust is sloughed off. For mouth ulcers, continue the treatment until the problem is completely resolved.

TIP: Use only natural oral care products.

Curative Toothpaste
Mineral Toothpaste
Mouth Spray FRESH
Mouth Spray STRONG

This prevents the harming of the oral environment by artificial chemicals!

INCI: Aqua, Melissa officinalis*, Calcium carbonate, Simmondsia chinensis*, Gossendorf Fango (bentonite), Sea salt, Krameria triandra*, Citrus sinensis*, Melaleuca alternifolia**, Mentha x piperita*, Mentha arvensis*, Thymus vulgaris, Salvia officinalis*, Curcuma xanthorrhiza, Mimusops elengi, Stevia rebaudiana*

*) certified organically grown
**) grown wild

Ingredients: "Gossendorf Fango" healing clay, water, naturally pure essential oils.
Free of artificial colours and preservatives.

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