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Sango Sea Coral, 100g, powder

Price: £33.97 

This product is out of stock!  This product is out of stock!

Item number: 2516
Description: Sango Sea Coral in powder form, the treasure of the island of centenarians – Okinawa, Japan – is the only one of 2,500 types of coral to offer an unsurpassed level of bio-availability due to its unique purity and filtering qualities. It thus promotes the best possible absorption of base-active minerals and nutrients within the body’s cells.

The combination of the over 70 mineral nutrients contained in Sango Sea Coral closely matches that of the human body.

Package size: 100g

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Here’s a summary of the unique health benefits of Sango Sea Coral:

  • Over 70 optimally bio-available minerals and trace elements
  • The mineral makeup of the coral is similar to that of the human body
  • 2-to-1 ratio of calcium and magnesium is optimal for health and cell physiology
  • Unique level of purity
  • This coral sediment is millions of years old – it is gathered in an environmentally friendly way and there is no negative environmental impact!
  • Free of radioactive contamination
  • Helpful in the reduction of excessive body acidity and the restoration of the natural acid-base balance
  • Tops up the mineral reserves in the body, i.e. within the cells as well as in the fluid surrounding connective tissue
  • Activation of the enzyme system that is controlled by mineral nutrients
  • Supports the storing of calcium in the bone tissue
  • Free of artificial additives, 100% pure and natural

3 times per day, add one level measuring spoon (included) to a glass of water and drink.

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